The Witcher - Trouble on the Pontar
07/06/2019 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
RPG 437

Travel into the dark fantasy world of The Witcher, a medieval world based on Northern European and Slavic folklore where dangerous monsters plague the countryside and greedy officials politic for power and positions. You find yourselves answering the call of the local Baron, who has promised a handsome bounty for the safe return of his Son who has gone missing in the nearby monster infested forest. The task seems simple, bring him back alive, or find proof of whatever unfortunate demise befell him. But things are not always as simple as they seem.

Welcoming to all players of all skill levels and walks of life to come enjoy a 4-hour 1shot campaign set in Andrzej Sapkowski's gritty fantasy world.

The Witcher - Trouble on the Pontar (Saturday 8:00 PM) ($0.00)
The Witcher - Trouble on the Pontar Saturday 8:00 PM | RM RPG 437