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East Texas University: The Curious Death of Violet Evans
07/06/2019 8:00 PM - 12:15 AM
RPG 337
From the pages of the Savage Worlds Explorer - run by the author. It’s spring break at East Texas University. Your study group is close to wrapping up your sophomore year, and you have already seen your fair share of the things that go bump in the night in Pinebox. The convergence is coming (whatever that is!), but you still have classes to pass. While out in the Big Thicket, camping and ostensibly doing a homework project on night-blooming flowers, a mysterious child appears among the trees. She's a ghost. Her name is Violet Evans, and it’s almost her birthday. Can you help put Violet to rest by finding out the REAL truth of her murder 50 years after it happened? And can you discover what's been happening since? This is an original dark and strange mystery that very much leans into the horror aspect of the ETU setting while still offering a chance for hope and heroism. Due to disturbing themes, this mystery is for adults 18+ only. Pregens will be provided; no Savage Worlds experience is necessary.