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RPG submissions now are open and we are looking for GMs! Here’s the details:

·        Run 1 RPG (4hrs) for a day pass to Crit Hit 4

·        Run 2 RPGs(8hrs) for a weekend pass

·        Run 3 RPGs(12hrs) and get 2 badges, 1 for you and 1 for a friend

Crit Hit is an inclusive and safe event. As such we have a few things we insist on for every RPG. Rest assured that these tools are not there to limit your game, but to make sure everyone at your table is on board with what you plan to run as well as allowing you to tweak your content if you feel it’s appropriate to make someone comfortable.

Content Warnings, Tones, Hard Lines, and the X Card: Your adventure will begin with the GM announcing what movie rating your game would get if it were a film (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17), what the tone of the game is, and what are lines that will not be crossed during the game. We will also make use of the X card. You will receive a detailed guide

How to submit a game:

You must first register by clicking in the UPPER RIGHT CORNER of this website or LEFT SIDE IF ON MOBILE


After you register and log in CLICK HERE

When you click on the SUBMIT PANEL link you will be given the following fields to fill out. Please use the following instructions to help us get your game up on the schedule quicker.

SUBJECT: The name of the adventure you are running

DESCRIPTION: Put the description of your adventure here, this will be visible on the schedule.

PANEL DETAILS: If your RPG system is not listed in the PANEL TAGS (see below) put your system name here and we will add it to your submission.

GROUP NAME: not used

PANEL TAGS: Select the genre and game system.

**NOTE:** if your system is not listed, please place the name in the PANEL DETAILS above. If you are running ANY version of D&D please select DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and your edition. EXAMPLE: tags for a game might look like FANTASY, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, 1e AD&D or Clone

PANEL ZONES: Select times you want to run games, if we cannot accommodate your time zones, we will reach out to you.