The Limelight Labyrinth
07/05/2019 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Lair of the Great Dragon 5
This module takes place in the dreary yet captivating slums of New Empire City, the largest metropolitan area on the eastern shores of the UFA (United Federations of Aztlan). The word on the street is a new starlet by the name of Starsong Sally has been making waves at the Lucky Lagoon Lounge; making herself everyone's first pick for when they need their troubles serenaded away. Life is tough here for folks, especially with the recent laws that crackdown on the use of magic, a lot of people have wound up on the street as a result. Sometimes though, bad things happen to good people. And bad things happen often enough in New Empire City that when people begin to go missing off of the streets nobody thinks to look twice. But, things change when everyone's favorite starlight songstress goes the way of the dodo; the right heads then began to turn. Word on the streets is that many other people have gone missing, some of them disappearing just outside the Lucky Lagoon Lounge. In the wake of Sally's disappearance, stories of shadows whisking away the odd plastered patron and then disappearing near the sewers have been whispered around the alleyways and sidewalk conversations. Your characters have decided to take things into their own hands to investigate. In this short adventure, players will uncover secrets about the past of this metropolis buried deep under the modern marvels of its architecture and proof of a secret war that rages in the sewers of New Empire City unbeknown to its citizens. Players can pick from any of 18 pre-generated characters, each one with their own unique backstory, set of skills and ties to New Empire City and the strange happenings around the Lucky Lagoon Lounge. So will you be the one to crack the mystery of the Limelight Labyrinth?
The Limelight Labyrinth (Friday 3:00 PM) ($0.00)
The Limelight Labyrinth FRI 3pm LOTGD 5