Aliens & Asteroids
07/07/2019 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
The Pitch “An alarm has been tripped at an abandoned mining station deep in The Field. Your team of Space Marines has been dispatched to investigate and eliminate any trespassers…” Description Deep in the inner Field lays a bounty of large asteroids offering a bounty of mineral wealth just waiting to be harvested. Kettke-88 is one such asteroid. Located in an area known as “The Swirl,” where gravitational forces ebb and flow around larger rocks to create eddies that regularly smash smaller rocks against larger ones, it made K-88 a hazardous place to work. Miners worked quickly and managed to abandon the large base after clearing a majority of the ore, leaving it in favor of more stable working environments elsewhere nearly 20 years ago. Since then, K-88 has been a problem child for the Dominion, becoming a “Squatter’s Paradise” of sorts. The base has hosted a variety of temporary tenants who have used the location to hide from authorities, attempt to scrape the remaining ore from it’s rocky core, or simply use the location as a launch pad for repeated strikes against law-abiding citizens using the trade route a mere 10,000km away. Dominion forces have cleared the location repeatedly but been reluctant to destroy the site and create additional fuel for The Swirl and further destabilize the area. However, without stationing a squad at the base, it has been impossible to keep uninvited guests away. The last time they cleared it, Dominion Defense Service (DDS) technicians set up an early warning system on the base, establishing a series of tripwires and sensors to alert forces nearby to a new incursion. Those alerts have sounded and new “guests” have arrived. There have also been reports of pirate attacks in the area on a transport caravan headed to Earth from BANCE-3. Your mission as the nearest contingent of Dominion Space Forces (DSF) is to get in and eliminate the problem. We don’t know what you’ll find, but good luck!! The Mission Kettke-88 is a huge rock thought to be a part of one of the five huge planetoids that collided during the formation of the solar system and creating the majority of the Asteroid Field between Mars and Jupiter. The mere existence of these huge chunks of rock, each with their own larger gravity field, has created large areas of unstable orbits that cause havoc for any miners unlucky enough to be working there. Miners on K-88 reported waves of meteor showers that pounded the station any time an orbit brought it anywhere near the orbits of Jupiter or Mars. The additional pull of the larger planets isn’t enough to pull giant swaths of asteroids from the field entirely, but it caused enough of a nudge to begin them in spirals slamming them together against other rocks in this area of space. “The Swirl” was quickly noted as a rich area of the Field too dangerous to mine without huge risks. Unfortunately for the miners of K-88, that didn’t mean they were off the hook. For the better part of a decade, they worked quickly under insane conditions to achieve the numbers that their company TerraCo would accept before moving onward. Though there were several tragic accidents during this time, TerraCo kept a tight lid on any details of the hazardous work conditions and growing liability issues for their shareholders. As a consequence, the base inside K-88 grew to be one of the most heavily fortified mining operations in the system. That’s the only reason the rock has survived repeated collisions with other objects in the system with only minimal structural damage. When TerraCo abandoned the site, they left behind a facility ready to accept new tenants if they were willing to accept the risks. Several groups have accepted the challenge and used the base as a temporary home. But none have known the true reason why TerraCo left all of a sudden in 2209. It turns out that humans weren’t the only life forms in K-88 after all. And the miners’ new roommates had a taste for organic material!
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