Teen Crush: Teenage Supers Who Want to be Heroes
07/06/2019 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
RPG 337
Tracy Sizemore
As seen in the pages of the Savage Worlds Explorer, and run by the author! You are a group of teenage proteges to world famous superhero Captain Crush™. He’s insufferably superior, and comically flashy. Nevertheless, he has turned you into a well-oiled superhero team. But on your last day of mentor-ship, Captain Crush™ is looking mysteriously ill, and an attack on the Cryo-Technica building downtown threatens to disrupt your imminent graduation and subsequent press conference. If that isn't enough, right before your eyes, Captain Crush™ is subdued and captured by a wacky band of misfit super-villains (and k-pop girl-group) fronted by the notoriously bratty Bubble Pop Princess. Can you save your mentor and prove your worth as world-class super-heroes? The fate of millions, not to mention your lucrative sponsorship, hang in the balance! This is an original adventure using the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules system with the Super Powers Companion. Pregenerated characters will be provided. Possible Content : Violence, Mild Language, Attentive Exploration of Heroic Themes. Coming of Age. Role playing and character arcs encouraged.
Teen Crush: Teenage Supers Who Want to be Heroes (Saturday 3:00 PM) ($0.00)
Teen Crush: Teenage Supers Who Want to be Heroes Sat 3pm RM 334