The World of Tank Girl
07/06/2019 8:00 PM - 12:00 AM
RPG 216
Bring your best Lori Petty and Ice-T impressions as we dive deep into The World of Tank Girl RPG! Can you and your group of literal party animals find the last convenience store on earth and a wealth of beer and beef jerky? We will be playing the introductory adventure found in the 1995 Westend Games World of Tank Girl RPG but Powered By The Apocalypse instead of the crunchy Masterbook rules. Have you always wanted to play the official Tank Girl RPG but couldn't find the box set? Have you found the box set but been discouraged by the sheer magnitude of the rules? Have you tried to put together a game but couldn't find enough connoisseurs of fine art to play with you? If you have answered yes to any, all, or none of these questions then this is the game for you!
The World of Tank Girl (Saturday 8:00 PM) ($0.00)
Saturday 8pm-12am Room 216