07/07/2019 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
RPG 216
The world you knew has changed. Ever since Genesis Day, you feel like you have been dropped in a comic book. The Genomes, those with super powers, have been affecting the city as a blessing and a curse. Luckily, AGR, a genetics firm has been helping capture both dangerous criminals and vigilantes alike. You are one of these Genome working with AGR to stop them. Today your assignment is to capture a woman codenamed Frigid before she causes a nuclear winter. No problem, just another day in Paradise.... Paradise Valley, that is. Mutants and Masterminds is a superhero RPG. For those who want to create characters for the PL is 10. Otherwise, Characters will be provided. Please contact me at for approval of characters.
Frostbite (Sunday 10:00 AM) ($0.00)
Sunday 10am-2pm Room 216