Crypt of the SCIENCE-WIZARD!
07/05/2019 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Lair of the Great Dragon 1

This is a throwback to the pulp-explorer genre. Enter the tomb of Kersete, ancient wizard-priest of Esh, and see if you can survive the deadly traps and obstacles within!

This is a 4-hour, site-based adventure using the 5th edition ruleset. Explore a lost tomb, avoid deadly traps, and recover great treasures from an ancient wizard-priest. Suitable for players of all skill levels, the module is a challenge for the mind as well as the sword-arm. Rated PG-13 (more for the GM than anything else), kids, adults and adults who act like kids are welcome!

Crypt of the SCIENCE-WIZARD! (Friday 3:00 PM) ($0.00)
Friday 3pm-7pm Lair of the Great Dragon Table 1