Your tickets to adventure!

We are using a ticketing system to pre-register for games, our Kickstarter backers have had a head start, but we are now open to everyone who purchased a badge on line and all Kickstarters should be able to purchase tickets for games. PLEASE NOTE that if a game looks “SOLD OUT” we are holding back 1 to 2 seats for in person sign ups.

Pre Registration is now open!

You should now be able to “purchase” pre-registration tickets for games by logging on to the Crit Hit website ( then going to the PROGRAMMING tab across the top. Then select a game and click on the SALES tab. From there you can select 1 ticket for $0 and “PURCHASE” the ticket. You have until 5pm 7/3/2019 to pre-register.


Every game will reserve one additional seat beyond those pre-registered online. This is so that people who buy day of badges and those that didn't get to pre-reg for games will still have a chance at playing a great game. You will be able to sign up the day of the game for this seat in person, and there will also be a list of alternates with preference given to our Kickstarter backers. This is so everyone has a chance get a seat at a great game!

This is your pre-registration for that game. Simple as that!


Go to your PROFILE and click on INVOICES, you should see every game you have a ticket for listed in there. If there is no ticket listed in there, then you should go back and try to 'purchase one' again and check the INVOICE area of your profile to verify it's there.


Not all board games will have pre-registration so as to keep a free flowing board game room active and not tied down to specific times for games. We do have our Spotlight Games set up for pre-registration. These are either popular games, longer form games or games we want to make sure have pre-reg seats for.


  • For Adventurers League games, we are going to use WarHorn for those sign ups, as that is the standard for organized play across the country and want to conform to that accepted standard. AGAIN, WARHORN WILL BE FOR ADVENTURERS LEAGUE GAMES ONLY, REGULAR NON- ADVENTURE LEAGUE D&D (all editions) WILL BE ON OUR WEBSITE. We will have Adventurers League games listed at:
  • if you have marked ATTEND or INTERESTED you are NOT PRE-REGISTERED for this game, you are only pre-registered by using the SALES tab. Think of the ATTEND and INTERESTED as just building a list of games you are interested in or want to pre-register for.




  • if you downloaded the CONMAGICK before MAY, please uninstall and download the newest version from your APP store.