Level up how you play RPGs

You and others who attend Crit Hit are passionate about tabletop role playing games, and so are we. That's why we strive to have a wide selection of games for you to choose from and play. We want to provide the best possible experience when you play an RPG, so that's why we have the majority of our RPGs being played in a private living room suite.

Here you can craft adventures in a quiet environment, free from distraction.

If games are not in a suite, we try to limit the number of tables in a space, to help create the best possible environment. Quality - not quantity - is our goal.. 

Safety Minded

Content Warnings, Tones, Lines & Veils, and the X Card: Your adventure will begin with the GM announcing what movie rating your game would get if it were a film (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17), what the tone of the game is, and what are lines that will not be crossed during the game. We will also make use of the X card. 

Open Door Policy: You can also play safely knowing that no rooms will ever have closed doors. We will prop them open just a little so our Crit Sec (that's what we call our security team) can come during their routine, and discreet, check-ins. There will also be a special number you can text to reach the Crit Hit Senior Staff (where each of us will receive this text) as well as other tools to make sure you feel safe and welcome at every table.

We believe that having a quick, 2-minute discussion about what our games are helps us create the types of games we want to run, and that people who are sitting at a table can choose to play in. As long as everyone at the table is good with the above policies, you play the games you WANT to play.

The Gauntlet community has a great link that explains all of the above, if you have more questions.(Also their podcasts are awesome!)