Less browsing, more playing.

Board games are more popular than ever, and with that growth comes a flood of games never seen before! At Crit Hit, we will help you navigate the waters with a curated selection of games that you actually will want to play. We'll feature games that span the gamut of gaming, including thematic games and games that tell stories.

Don't wanna play a whole game? No problem - many of our games are set up for quick demos with an option to play the whole thing if you like it! We also have a host of welcoming GMs to suggest a game or help you navigate the rules, so you can get down to the business of victory!


Crit Hit board gaming is all about "Play-to-win". Which means after our GM's teach you their game, you as a player have a chance to take a full copy of the game home! And it is Play-to-win NOT Win-to-win. So regardless of whoever claims victory each player will roll a huge D20 and whoever has the highest number takes the game home. Its that simple!

And just to make it more interesting, MOST of our games are in the Play-to-win program but not all. So if you want to win a game you'll just have to play more games until you win one! From our specialty of rich thematic games and interesting strategic games to some lighter party games and social deduction games. Crit Hit board gaming will having you thinking, laughing and maybe taking home a game or two as well!

Board games have experienced an amazing renaissance period over the last 15 years and as gamers we are luckier than ever to have these incredible products which give us such memorable experiences out of a box. Board games strengthen our existing friendships through laughter and camaraderie, as well as through thrilling victories and close defeats. And they also help us develop new friendships as we play games at conventions, board game cafes and game nights with new friends at their homes as they teach us their favorite games which are new to us.

Thus the board gaming philosophy is similar. To teach the Crit Hit attendees OUR favorite games. Our GM's will run you through their hand-picked essential games, so you can experience the full outcome of the game in a friendly and helpful environment while not having to struggle with slogging your way through a new rulebook for a game you do not know but really want to try.